Alpha A/D Rinj to Rijkanaal

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 20 Apr 2008 16:10

Hi Gang


Well after an unofficial night mooring against a hotel barge (actually the bargeman invited us alongside) the following morning we set off at 1000 for the first bridge lift and headed up towards Haarlem. Helen came on board with us again and we had a very short sail through the Brassemer with all 3 sails set clocking almost 9kts in 13kts apparent.


Under the rail bridge

Albert and Elsie driving their canal barge

Smile for the camera

Sailing through the lake towards Haarlem

How many more bloody bridges

Downtown Haarlem

Just how many windmills are there

The final lock before Amsterdam



It was a long day as we motored on up the canal system to a lake, where we stretched the sails out and switched the motor off for a short time, peace and quiet, was lovely…..  The wind got up to 28 knots as we headed on back into the canal system, through Haarlem and a set of 8 bridges through the town. 


We headed for a yacht club called W.V.Ymond which was just before the final bridge before Amsterdam where we had a drink at the bar and got some information on the final journey and as we were the only visiting yacht there we had the bar to ourselves.  Did our usual thing with the evening meal, clubbed all of our things together and had jacket potatoes some Belgium meat, veg and salad, great meal had by all.


Left next morning at 10.00 to get into Amsterdam, we were all looking forward to a few days in the same place as we were going to stay for 3 nights and explore.  Suzanne was looking forward to seeing Amsterdam and window shopping in the Red Light district as she had never been.



Best Regards


David & Suzanne