Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 20 May 2008 09:34

We sailed to an anchorage at Ebeltoft in fluky winds, which kept going from 5 knots to 20 knots within seconds, but a lovely sail in the sunshine.  We decided we would anchor as the bay was so picturesque and free and no box moorings with piles and then go into the marina in the morning, as its only 3 miles away.


The marina had along side pontoons so the day started well, the town was a 5 minute bike ride away with cobbled streets, and it had a lovely seaside town feel, very attractive.  David and the Kaikoura’s went to see an old wooden galleon built in 1860 took lots of pictures of old things….interesting….and then a glass factory as they blow lots of glass vases and pots here, the 70’s style glass is making a come back.


We did a supermarket shop on our bikes and with our bike trolley, filled this with beer and more beer, seem to be consuming more as the weather is getting hotter.  Paid our harbour fees 240 DK expensive as we are only getting 9 = £1 anchoring was definitely a good option much cheapness.



The last Danish wooden sailing ship

Saddle sore again (cobbled streets) both in need of Gel seats

More cobbles

Pimms on board

They hang lots of shop items outside for sale

On the aft deck for drinks