Arrived in Estonia's capital Tallinn

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 24 Jul 2008 10:33

Hi there,


We approached Tallinn in beautiful sunshine 27 degrees, arrived at Pirita marina which is the old 1980 Olympic stadium which is 6km from the city, but only a short bus ride away.  The beach is still full of people and lots in the sea.  Lots of trees completely different coastline to Scandinavia.    Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and the next day we caught the bus to the old town, which is beautiful all cobbled with narrow winding street and beautiful buildings and cathedrals.  We had iced coffees in the square overlooking the flower stalls and girls in costume selling them on the streets.  What a wonderful atmosphere, we like Tallinn very much .  We follow our map all around the old part of town, had lunch outside in one of the many restaurants, food was very good quality and well displayed, also had the local cider drink chilled with strawberries.  Went to the ice bar where they serve Vodka in iced glasses, then we passed a few hours people watching at a café on the main square.


Decided to stay here a few days, had a beach day and explored the local supermarket which was as good a Tesco’s so I restocked.  The marina had a feel of Cherbourg as all the yachts and motor boats were coming across from Finland for cheap beer and wine wheeling crates down to their boats.  It also has an inside and outer harbour like Cherbourg.


On the third day we just made sure we had seen everything and revisited town and walked more…. But very hot temp through 30 deg so cooled off with lots of local beer and cider.


What a wonderful place.


View of Tallinn from our berth in the marina

Olympic Stadium which is now the marina

Beach overlooking the marina, David’s eyes kept popping out more pretty girls then men

Lovely old houses with rusty tin roofs, all very rustic

Main street to old town

They smelt absolutely gorgeous

The main square on the old town packed with restaurants and people all day

Constant buzz of people from all countries

Want to try archery?

Had to watch my step as quite steep and slippery the cobbles were wearing away

One of the many churches

Everywhere we go we seem to see a wedding everyone claps as they pass must be a tradition

More cobbled streets and people drinking

Tourist information…

Met my knight in armour not quite shining..

Maybe he was slaying this dragon


This city was well worth visiting had a lovely feel to it the weather also made it very special.


Love to all


Suzanne & David


Suzie Too  xxxx


( We are setting sail tomorrow moving further down Estonia towards Parnu about 140 miles so might to it in 2 hops..)