Inland Brazil

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 20 Jan 2010 13:04

Well Andy arrived from the UK on the 9th Jan for 10 days, we had a few things planned to see more of Brazil.


On the 10th we sailed across the bay to Morro De Sao Paulo which has sandy streets, ruled by wheelbarrows which are the taxi’s for the islands and pedestrians, run between 3 jungle-topped hills.  The beaches, with their shallow, warm water, disappear with the tides.  We walked to the lighthouse and around the island.  Busy touristy town but lovely and very lively, at night it was all lit up and music filled the air.


Andy & Lisa went out for a night out at 7.30 and returned the next morning at 6.30 am so a party town.


We moved then to Gamboa, where is just beautiful, peaceful sandy street, but not touristy at all, we spent a few days on the beach and David took out a Tornado Catamaran.  I whizzed around on the rib taking pictures, quite a task single handed.




The next expedition was inland to Lencois a pretty town in Chapada Diamantina a trip consisting of a overnight coach from Salvador 6 hours 11.30pm






Lovely Cobbled streets, brightly painted 19th century building, nestled between lush hills, surrounded by caves, waterfalls and plateaus.














Swimming under the waterfalls




Cave walking




At the summit…for the sunset.


We all had a wonderful time, the villa Serrano was lovely we all booked a well needed massage before the overnight bus back to Salvador.


What experiences to remember


Now getting ready to sail on Friday to Joao Pessoa  420 miles


Love from All on Suzie Too