Checking in NY

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 29 Apr 2011 21:00
We thought we might get up early on Friday to watch the Royal wedding, but in the end we needed the sleep more and couldnât get cable TV in the marina anyway. So we made up for it by dressing Suzie Too overall and catching up on the BBC web site in the evening.
Since we arrived the weather has not been too bad, about 18-20, but cool in the evening, so you need a fleece and it has been down to 14 overnight, so we are running the heating, but when we come back in early June it should be much warmer. At least we got in before all that terrible Tornado stuff down south, which I guess will be heading to the UK this week.
We checked out a few marinas using the Dozier cruising guide, and and decided to go into Liberty Landings Marina in the Morris Channel (on the NJ side north of Ellis Island and the French Woman with the torch). It has a fuel dock, floating pontoons is very protected, quiet, safe and well positioned for heading into Manhattan except at the weekends when no ferries run from Liberty Island, we are paying $147 dollars per night inc water but not electric and of course their electric isn't much use to us at 125v and 60Hz.
Customs and Immigration - when you arrive you ring 201 443 0500, if you move areas you call 1 800 973 2867. We took a taxi to clear in which was $50 dollars each way, but he waited for us at no extra charge, you need to go to Port Newark, 1210 Corbin St, Elizabeth, NJ 07201 the offices are on the 3rd floor. All crew need to attend to get a Cruising Licence for the yacht and then see Immigration, where they take finger prints and pictures, but were all very helpful.
Nobody asked about guns, dangerous goods like fruit, salad and English beef, rubbish or holding tanks, but we did what it says in the book. On the way back we went into Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel and ticked off a few tourist things to do.