In the Baltic....

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 5 May 2008 19:30



Well I could definitely get used to sailing up here, we just left the Kieler Bucht are yesterday, leaving from Kiel Yacht Club, where we had a fantastic meal on Tuesday night (sorry Di – she’s gone to the UK for a Seminar Workshop she is running).


We motored up past the Kiel Canal Lock entrance and then sailed the 25 miles to Maasholm. The wind was a constant 6-8kts and we were sailing at 4-5kts, the water wasn’t wobbly and we barely had 5 degrees of heel in beautiful sunshine and 23C just in my shorts (no locals around so no problem). As we said there is not many other vessels around, no lobster pots, no tide currents and very light winds. So you can potter around on the boat, do a few jobs, clean and tidy up and just an occasional look out, no one hacking across your bows shouting “Starboard”


On top of that when we got to Maasholm and anchored we were in 3m of water and when we went to sleep we were in 3m of water and when we woke up we were in – ooh! 3m of water, so no tide straining on the anchor chain all night – I’m wondering what the attraction of the UK is at the moment, especially when it is the windiest country in Europe. Anyway I’m sure it will blow up at some time and we may even get some rain, but not this week – even though my Oregon Scientific shows a 2mb drop we stall have 1023mb this morning.


Last evening we ribbed ashore and walk up Hauptstrasse and got a few bits from the small stores in this little village and then we all retired to Suzie Too where the four of us had Spag Bol with the odd glass of red and sat in the cockpit until after 2200 in our shorts and tee shirts.


This morning we will set off to Flensburg which is on the German / Danish border and go into a marina for Thursday and Friday night to await Di and pick up some extra provisions, before moving north and east into the Danish Riveria


Best Regards


David & Suzanne