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Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 3 Oct 2009 17:11
I noticed from the MaxSea C-Map charts there are some huge mountains out here - one which we will go 40M south of is called Monte Gettysburg and rises from the sea bed more than 5,000m below to within 20m of the surface - that's a pretty big Alp sized mountain - well actually bigger! Interestingly enough my Raymarine Navionics chart has no detail 100M off shore - just a dotted background until I get near Madeira - disappointing, I wouldn't want to go anywhere near that in rough weather, it must have some effect on the sea state.
Well the moon almost lasted till dawn - very nice, but sun up wasn't utill 07:30 and it sets at 19:15 so days are much shorter, had to rely on the dawn star for a bit of company. I noticed back in Portugal as I sat waiting for the bloody MasterVolt all the birds flying south and thought - "No wait for me - I want to come" - You could really feel the season changing and I felt we needed to go - time to leave Europe.
Read a UK paper today and it says the Government are really looking after you well - providing good education, excellent policing, cleaning up yobbish behaviour, protecting your children, looking after your pensions and investments, allowing plenty of unskilled immigration, going to leave garbage in the streets to save money, making more regulations for you to contravene so they can fine you, thinking up new taxes, looking after your health and caring for you with honesty and integrity in your old age. It says you guys are so lucky, cos if it wasn't for them you would all be dead, either from terrorist attack or swine flu. Then I see apparently the Irish have some mad scheme to make Tony Blair, Emperor of Europe - I think others have tried before and it has always ended in tears.
Sorry no piccies in these blogs as we upload them over Iridium and use plain text to keep the file sizes small
Well fishing started a bit late today, Pink Watch was not up on deck early this morning - apparently she had been out very late somewhere last night - clearly questions need to be asked by Blue Watch Team Leader !Best Regards
David & Suzanne Chappell
Moody 49 "Suzie Too"
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