Cape Canaveral 28.24.530N 80.37.810W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 12 Dec 2011 13:57
We arrived after another bumpy run down this dreadful East Coast into Cape Canaveral at the crack of dawn on Sunday. We had left Fernandina Beach mid Saturday morning and had a lumpy exit down the inlet riding the ebb with a NE wind breaking waves over the bow, but as we turned to head south and bring the wind on the beam the boat settled and we romped south at 10kts. A couple of hours later we were called up by US Warship 21 and advised a submarine was crossing astern of us – she was transmitting on AIS, “USNS Hunter” a Trident Class Nuclear Sub going to the base at St Mary’s Georgia.
Later the wind hit 35kts and we dropped to reef 3 and a handkerchief yankee, more rock and roll with massive waves from any direction in this shallow water, but by midnight the wind died to 5kts and we motored until 0200 when it filled in again as we blasted along under a full moon, almost daylight, warmed by the gulf stream and arriving in glorious sunshine, made it all seem not so bad after all.
Once in we checked and found “Froja” had arrived via the Inter Costal Waterway and we called Phil and Norma on “Minnie B” who not only saw Will & Kate in Quebec, but on the way south past Cape Canaveral saw a launch – I must get on their social circuit next year. They got called by the US Coastguard and told to head north or east while they launched the Mars Explorer over the top of their yacht – spectacular – can you imagine that !! Bum, missed it !! I am dead jelly !!