Leaving Martha

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 27 Jul 2011 00:35
Once again we kinda put the anchor down and got stuck in one place, suddenly you think, “Wow, we have been here for longer than we expected” which just means we feel very comfortable. The temperature has been good around 25 +/- 5 degrees each day, so very pleasant, but the humidity has been high.
After hooking up with Rick & Chrissie of Destiny we were invited to a 10th Anniversary Launching Party for Rebecca, another wooden boat, owned by an English couple from Lyme Regis (a lot of them built up here) and had a great evening, even though we had a thunderstorm to dampen the proceedings.
The following day we waited for the tide to turn and had a great sail down to Cuttyhunk at the end of the Cape Cod peninsula only to be overtaken by Rick in his bosses 48ft all carbon fibre race boat, well it did cost US$ 4,5m so ought to be fast, but the latest problem is the portholes which are gold plated and cost US$13,500 each won’t open. Not to mention that everything on board is “fly by wire” designed by Alinghi – all push button, with hydraulics running the systems including a joystick GPS system for parking the boat which vectors thrusters to bring the boat alongside.
I tried to get some shots, but got a call from Derecktors about our new RIB as they approached (remember Suzanne said she is getting sick of getting piss wet through – watch this space) and Suzanne had missed them when she fired up my Nikon.