Back to the UK

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 7 Mar 2011 15:33

Sorry we haven’t uploaded the blog but we have been back to the UK, what a whirlwind trip that was.  It’s always like this as we plan and want to see everyone, but have very little time.  We have a double whammy as it is so costly to come home with the flight costs £1,000 each and the marina berth charges, per night we are paying about 78 US Dollars, so lots of dosh before we even get to English soil.  So sorry to anyone that we did not see and sorry also to anyone we did see as it was so short.  I am sure that eventually we will sail over here during the winter months and have the summer in the UK.

Arrival in St Lucia 30 degrees, lovely to be back in the warm and check that Suzie Too was OK, she looked good and everything was OK, relief!!!

We  woke up Tuesday hungry with no food on board so had a supermarket trip ahead of us, a dingy ride to the floating dock and then a short walk to IGA, which has some Waitrose stuff on their shelves.  So a quick stock up for the fridge still takes half a day, with the thought that i will revisit this when i am not jet lagged.... that afternoon we had a massage as David booked this as my lower back was giving me some trouble, he also had a massage to relieve the stresses of travelling.  So we were both feeling much better, but Tuesday still passed in a bit of a blurr.  Wednesday we got up and everything was back to normal and we even started to plan our next few Islands, Dominica, Montserrat, Antigua and Bermuda for the 19th April.  I even started planning menu’s to get us up to the states, Lisa and her new guy Andy are joining us in Bermuda and flying back out from New York 5th May.

St Lucia is beautiful, green and lush, tomorrow we are going to Pigeon Island so more on the Island later

Love you all lots


Suzanne & David XX


Suzie Too