Rendezvous with Alice

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 1 Jul 2011 07:41

We met Alice, a Moody 54, in Oyster Bay and had an impromptu meal on Suzie Too, Spag Bol and a few bottles of red, we caught up with places we had visited and places to visit as Alice, Celia and Andrew came from Bermuda up to Chesapeake then made their way slowly into New York.  It was lovely to reminisce too about the good times we had together at Jolly Harbour in Antigua

We then set off a day later toward our destination of Mystic Sea Port dock an old historical shipyard, which everyone told us was brilliant.  I booked us into to the dock, we had to negotiate 2 bridges and 3 miles of river, it was so like the Baltic, all pink granite rocks with beautiful houses built on top.  The sun was shining and warm we had a lovely sail.  We anchored on route at the Thimble Islands which are all private with holiday homes costing millions of dollars, so for the US elite…. I took the opportunity to clean the hull and give her a polish as the water was very warm and flat.  You could see your reflection in her hull after I was finished, I felt very satisfied and deserved the Dark n Stormy drink David had ready for me.  (Goslings black rum, ginger ale and ice) totally delicious!!!!