Back in Germany, Rugen, Peenemude, Newholf & Strausland

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 20 Aug 2008 11:11

Sailed from Poland into Germany


We stopped at an Island called Rugen a little nature reserve, not much of a marina moored up against rubber tyres and a corroding bank…. 



Not much to tie up to, rusty old quay



The Telephone box for the marina..up to date communications



Just spent the night here before motoring across the water to Peenemunde, where the V1 & V2 rockets that where launched in the 2nd world war.  David was in his element here, I wont bore you with all the pictures he took of rockets and pieces of metal, but here’s a few.



Walking into the site



V2 rocket



More rockets….

Actually the whole day was good and interesting, we hired the audio tapes for the site and learnt lots of facts, more people died making the rockets 20,000 than were killed by them. 9,000 were killed in London, Paris and Belgium.


Next stop was Straus land, so we set off late afternoon after the Museum.  We motored up towards Straus land in the rain only to find that we had missed the last bridge so David found us a new marina newhof on his Maxsea software rang the harbourmaster who was very help and came to great us in the rain.  We ate at his yacht club in front of a roaring fire.  


We left early the next morning to catch the bridge at 8.30 local time,  we moored up directly in town to get supplies and wait until 5pm the time to set off on our overnight passage to Kiel.



Off shopping with bag in tow as Poland shops were not very good so stocks are low.


Steve, Di and Hollie went to the new sea life museum, while we sat and had coffee and lunch on the square and soaked in the atmosphere of Strausland.


Packed sandwiches and made dinner and set off at 5pm to fuel up at the next Island then set off into the night, a hard passage as 2 had 2 shipping lane to cross in the dark and a TSS.


See you all soon on next saga.


Love from Suzanne & David