Long Island Sound

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 5 Jun 2011 03:53
I can’t tell you how beautiful it is here, their trees are just amazing, really impressive. I thought England was the “Land of Trees”, but I have to say when we rode back in the cab (oops sorry taxi) to City Island, the trees were really impressive (OK I was tired after a 7 hour flight) so no longer rational, but not emotional, remember it’s me after all. The light is not as good and bright as the Caribbean or Bermuda, often a bit of a Gosport Gloom to it sometimes
Anyway we motored out from the marina in a bitch of a northerly pushing 30+kts over the deck and found an anchorage, which was so pretty. We watched the Thursday night sail team race around the cans - just like the Solent, well the exception is the yachts are all just 30 odd footers and most vessels are motor boats which just go flat out every where – only one speed.
The Collision Regulations here are different, basically the guy with the loudest air horns means “I’m coming thru” – none of that “Stand on” and “Give way” shit we do in Europe – the biggest, loudest and fastest is coming through. Sea Tow is in big demand by the boats here and are called up regularly to rescue someone on a sand bank that can’t understand tides, currents and cannot read or do not have charts – like I say, just like the Solent really. (but we have signed up with Sea Tow for the season, to cover just in case, even if it is for the lobster pots up in Maine)
The only difficulty is getting ashore as everywhere is fenced in locked marinas, or it is directly into someone's back yard and if you ask for directions no one knows where you can leave a dinghy and they often don’t speak much English
Walking out of the marina the other day, we thought “What the hell is that” swimming in the water. But I soon had it worked out as Horseshoe Crabs, those things with blue blood that we bleed in captivity for some reason, looks a bit like a cross between a WWII German Helmet and something off Robot Wars, cos if you flip it over you can see all its workings. They come into the shallow water to do it on the beach, but anyway at 16 degrees I’m not going in so they can please themselves