Figueira da Foz

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 19 Jul 2009 11:09

Downwind again, the Northerly has now set in and it is easy sailing, another 70 miles and again the sails were up and down as in the morning there is not much wind then it picks up in the afternoon.


We had Dolphins again surfing on the bow which is exciting every time, we had to set up a watch system to look out at all times to dodge the  lobster pots and nets as they are everywhere down this coast, at least they are well marked not like in the UK





On watch looking out for pots….


Well there not much to say about Figuerira da Foz, it’s a typical holiday resort with sands that are so vast it takes 5 mins to walk to the sea and surf.  We got the bikes out and cycled 5 miles down the boardwalk north to the next town Buaros, which was less busy and we had a lovely lunch of Pork and Bacon with rice.  Shopped at Lidal (first shop that we have recognised from home)for a few things then cycled home to the boat.  Brilliant fresh fish and veg market directly behind the marina, fresh bread every morning too.





Where’s the sea?



When do these hills stop!!!!




Panthera arrived that evening and invited us for a BBQ on their catamaran with Adrian & Coleen their friends children, I made a pot of Hummus from scratch out of Delia’s recipe book, (getting good at this), they have such a great space for entertaining, it’s got David looking at Cat’s now.  He’s already planning his day at Southampton boat show, Lagoon, Privilege, Leopard and any other Cat for when we get too old and grey to walk up the companion way stairs (also the beer does not spill, cannot believe they don’t have to put anything away before they sail, I have to pin things down…and its still a mess down below)



Temp through 30, need the hats now


Love to all


Suzanne & David  xxxx