Veere to Zierikzee

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 15 Apr 2008 18:50

Lovely sail in Verrse Meer (fresh water)18 – 22 knots of wind, sailed right up to the Zandkreeksluis, through this lock and then motored (salt water) up to Zeeland Bridge, called VHF 18 3 times before getting a response to open the bridge. They stopped the main road traffic so we could go through under the bridge.  We then motored into Zierikzee at low water right into the town, past the typical windmills, cows and tulips.  This area is tidal and we found we only had 0.9 under the keel, luckily it didn’t get more shallow, strange berthing again as all the boats have to face the same way round – must be a local custom.


Confusing all this changing water and non tidal area, the books don’t explain the area in enough detail so it’s a surprise every time we go through a lock!


Some of the Bridges in Holland



Zierikzee looks to be a decent town so we decided to stay for 2 nights as we had been on the go since last Thursday and we needed a rest and also to stock up with provisions.  The weather is bright and sunny but very cold out of the sun and in the wind so still in full winter gear for sailing even in the canal systems.


Entertainment is sparse as everywhere has not opened as we are so early in the season so we started to watch “Howards Way”, a cheesy series that Britespark bought for Kiakoura, last night and we are just going to watch the 2nd episode tonight, exciting stuff…not.. but it’s a larf.


Off to Willemstad on Wednesday morning, about 25 miles and 2 locks the Krammersluizen and the Volkeraksluzien – See you on the other side.


Suzanne & David