Cuxhaven to Kiel

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 3 May 2008 13:13

Another glorious day the sun was shining and although we were supposed to set off at 9am we all slept in after our long North Sea trip.  However to get the tide, which runs at up to 4kts we left at 10am down the Elbe in the warm sun and flat calm sea towards the Kiel Canal which goes through to the Baltic.


Suzie One and Suzie Too into the Alte Voorhaven and into the Canal

Not just cargo ships


Christ is there enough room

Drinky Poohs in Rendsburg



We arrived at Brunsbuttell within 2 hours, as the tide was pushing us 3 knots so doing we were doing over 10 knots.  We got through the Alte Schlusen, after calling them up on VHF 13 gain entry on a white light to floating pontoons.  It was a long jump down as the pontoon was at my shoulder height.  I got lines secured through rusty hoops laying on the pontoons and got back on boat as the lock doors shut. Then a bit of excitement as the pontoon that Kaikoura was against the chain got caught up and the pontoon was tipping, all of a sudden it crash down into the water, lots of noise and water but Kaikoura was ok, Di came running up from below decks to see what the hell had happened.


Then once out the other side we were into the canal, and a motored (sailing is not allowed) at 7 knots down the canal, under 5 bridges all with 40 metres clearance. David sent me down for a sleep and lovely shower on route (as I had done most of the night sailing), also cleaned the boat, hovered the carpets and cleaned bathrooms, a woman’s work never stops….  


After 35nm we arrived at Rendsburg in the sunshine had afternoon tea (seems to becoming a habit – baking and buying cakes) on the back of Suzie Too, sparkly wine on Kaikoura, what a wonderful life and time we are having, peaceful….


Looking forward to getting out into the Baltic.





Suzanne & David