I AM going to sail

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 31 Oct 2010 14:28
Yesterday, Sat Nov 30, we sailed from Gran Canaria to Santa Cruz da
Tenerife, about 50M. We were up early and left at first light, around 0730
local, and motored out past the cruise liners heading in and the cargo
vessels waiting to be unloaded. (BTW You should see all the plastic
greenhouses down here - they call it the "Garden of Europe" cos most of your
salad stuff comes from here). Out of the way we hoisted the main, the wind
of course was on the nose and we had to tack away from our destination,
until Suzanne said "Can't we just motor the 5M to the north of the island
and then sail on the right tack".

So, we agreed and rounded the headland, set the boat off and the wind
steadily died so that by 1000 we were down to our usual 3kts of wind. I was
so pissed off at the bloody wind and thought OK we are a sailing boat I AM
NOT MOTORING AGAIN, I know Suzanne thought I was being
difficult/cantankerous/obstinate/bloody minded but I WAS GOING TO SAIL.

After a few sail changes we dropped the main to stop it slatting and hoisted
Old Blue and off we went making almost walking speed towards Tenerife, with
the possibility of a night at sea AGAIN! But it was pleasant, very hot, blue
skies, the boat was quiet with other yachts motoring between the islands.
After lunch the wind filled in we practised dropping Old Blue behind the
wind shadow of the Yankee which worked a treat and hoisted all the white
sails and were making 8kts in 10kts true wind - excellent. Gradually as we
approached the wind acceleration zone off the east of Tenerife, caused by
the land and the height of the extinct volcano, Mt Tiede, at 12,500ft, we
were making over 9kts and had to start reefing down with 24kts over the

In the end we arrived in daylight and it had been a tiring day, but we
learnt a little more about the way our new Suzie Too sails and then we
arrived in the marina - well that's another story.