Royal Visit

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 25 Apr 2012 15:03
I meant to say that on our way down from the BVI’s to Antigua we anchored off the back of St Kitts and moved into the bay inside a Royal Fleet Auxiliary vessel, Fort Rosalie, and then anchored overnight near a very smart motor yacht M/Y Leander.
We didn't really think that much about it but a couple of days later we picked up a rental car in Antigua to take our sails down to Antigua Sails and the car was a Japanese used import with a TV in the front Sat Nav screen. As we listened to the news M/Y Leander was now docked in Falmouth Harbour with Prince Edward and Sophie aboard and they had been making speeches that evening on behalf on Her Majesty The Queen for her Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. So now we think OK, Fort Rosalie had a couple of battalions of Royal Marines on board just in case of trouble.
Then as we drove south their motor cavalcade with motorcycle outriders came past as they headed north to St Johns and guess whose BA flight they were on going back to the UK – Yes, ours seated in First Class, and not surprisingly we took off exactly on time !
Apparently M/Y Leander is owned by Mr National Car Parks