1000 nm and still going...now in Sweden

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 25 May 2008 13:00

Hi Gang


Well we have now clocked up about 1,200nm and most things are still going well. I have been busy keeping the boat up together, cleaning bilges and re-plumbing the dishwasher, but otherwise apart from a bent stanchion we are still in good shape (famous last words). The biggest failure we have had is the Raymarine E85001 so I have no NEMA data for the VHF and the MaxSea software – the SeaTalk data is still fine, so I have to bring out a replacement when I come back.


We are into the UK on Wed 28 for a few days – pop into work and pick up my pay cheque and the spares. There are just no chandleries out here, so if you come this way, bring what you need – so far we can’t even manage to find a Swedish courtesy flag, so we may well get the boat arrested.


Currently we are alongside in Helsingborg, our first port of call in Sweden and we have our first day’s rain. Kaikoura dropped off Hollie with a school friend last night for 2 days and we went out for the best Greek meal ever – just fantastic food, well we wandered around for about an hour to find somewhere as all the Marina Restaurants were full as it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday. Today they are into Copenhagen to meet some friends from the UK and we are debating whether to stay here and keep dry or motor the 20nm to Copenhagen ready for our flight on Wed.


We have a busy schedule when we get into UK, my sister is in form the states, so I have to hook up with my family and Suzanne will want to go and see her Dad who is still poorly and in a lot of pain after his quadruple bypass.


We also need to catch up on the news, who won the Grand Prix, who won the cup – I hear Portsmouth done good, and have you still got that Scottish idiot as PM ?


David & Suzanne


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