Transat - Day 4 17.13.5N 33.33.2W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 28 Nov 2010 17:06
We didn’t get much sleep last night, very bumpy upwind sailing, with the boat heeled crashing off the tops of some big swells and wave trains. At first light I got a new GRIB file from MaxSea and saw that the Low meant to head for the Azores was much lower causing the westerly winds. So Suzanne & I tacked and headed due south on 180 to get beneath the low and hopefully find the NE trades in a couple of days.
So again frustrating, a day’s sailing but no nearer the Caribbean. Over night we had 1 yacht pass us a 121ft called Moonbird, heading for Antigua and definitely motoring directly into wind on 260 at 11kts. We have seen a few Super Yachts, 130 ft First Knight in Tenerife and P2 called into Mindelo to fuel up and went straight out again. If you get bored take a look at – not you guys at TMS – please get off the Internet and work even harder.
The final webbing strap on the tack on the main sail blew out today, so the tack is not lashed by a dyneema line from the cunningham to the goose neck and I’m sure it will be fine – but that’s what I said last time.
The Parry's Update
We are about 1/4 of the way across (over 500 miles) now although slower progress than we had hoped due to light winds and now a SW wind almost on the nose.  Just like the Solent but a lot warmer!!  An exciting couple of days with a visitor aboard - Elvis the Egret who stayed with us for about 9 hours.   Then we finally had our first catch on the trailing fishing lines.  A large Wahoo (mackerel family).  As soon as David had landed it we hit another one on the other line.  We finally got them in, about 1.4 metres long and about 20-25 kilos!!!  Hollie did the Fish Dance to celebrate our catch (video will follow in the Caribbean). Suzanne went about filleting them and we now have about 15 kilos of fresh fish in the freezer.  For the evening meal Suzanne pan fried them in butter and garlic and added a bit of flaked coconut cream  on serving - delicious. We are all fine and enjoying some great sailing and warm weather.   Love to all.  Steve Di and Hollie
1,525M to go to Bridgetown, Barbados.
Suzie Too and Crew