Fernando Da Noronha

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 2 Feb 2010 14:16

We are at an Island in the Atlantic 240 mile away from the main land of Brazil.  It is rugged with big swells but beautiful.  The Island is a nature reserve only 200 visiting people have access per day.  The ride in by rib is exciting and an experience we will not forget, we looked like we had been swimming every time we arrived at the beach, surfing on the waves into the shore, we also had to drag our dingy up the beach which was very hard work, luckily we had help after the first day as the French took pity on us dragging our heavy dingy.


We rented a buggy for 2 days to explore all the islands beautiful beaches, we snorkeled for hours seeing, Sharks, Turtles and lots of colourful fish.  The water was so warm and clear, we had a fantastic time.  David and Lisa went diving  to 8m with a diving school and had a wonderful time too, seeing lots of fish so brightly coloured, Rays, Sharks and Octopus.




The famous landmark





The beaches closed at 18.00 until early morning so they are free for the turtles to run down to the sea, to help them survive.




We swam with these guys




Also with these guys




David dived and saw a  this wonderful Eel.  I think we decided that we will do our Padi course when we get to the Caribbean and have more time as the waters are so clear.


Love Suzanne & David xx