An evening with Raymond Blanc

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David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 9 Jun 2009 18:00

A good week was had by all, we saw Helen and baby Ethan, cuddled him lots and helped bath him,  also did some work at the office, David went to doctors for some more high blood pressure tablets, he then had to go for more blood tests to check that his Kidneys weren’t affected by the drugs.  Hopefully they will have got the dose right this time.  He has to go back for a check in July.


On Thursday night we took Ryan and Lisa out for a meal in Oxford met straight from work had pre dinners drinks on Walton Street in Jericho a posh part of Oxford and planned to eat at Loch Fyne, but we were turned away as it was invitation only for a special function, so we wandered down to our second choice restaurant The Brassiere Blanc, we went in and asked for a back room table for 4, the lady came up to us and quietly said that the BBC was filming in the back and did we mind and were we alright to take part.  We all quickly answered Yes… our luck was in…


Raymond Blanc was there (he’s so small and still has such a strong French accent) and the winners of The Restaurant TV series, Michelle & Russell.  They were cooking and serving the special dishes of the day, the BBC researcher came over to interview us she took quite a fancy to David so she sent over the film crew to interview us after every course.  We had a wonderful evening, Michelle, Russell and Raymond all came up and shook our hands and talk to us about their new series and the opening of their restaurant “The  Cheerful Soul” in Marlow and told us that we might be on the 1st episode airing in the autumn.  So watch this space we might be on the BBC.



Taken on my mobile phone – Raymond, BBC cameraman & Michelle



We went back to the hotel in Abingdon feeling rather special and warm, we’d had a lovely spontaneous evening and our last meal with Ryan for at least a year as he was leaving for NZ that next week for 12 months.


Lots of Love


Suzanne & David  XXXX