Tobagos Cays

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 18 Dec 2010 08:55

From Bequia we sailed south, well motored again, little wind and what there was, was up the chuff. We anchored in Charles Bay on Canouan, but talk about rock n roll - Steve and Di wanted to go ashore, but it was far too dangerous trying to make either the jetty or the beach, so we abandoned the attempt. The following morning after a brief look at another bay on the south of Canouan we set off - yes, motoring again - to Tobago Cays almost 3 miles away.


Here we anchored in the TCMP -Tobago Cays Marine Park and swam with the turtles - Hawksbill - becoming a bit of an expert on turtles these days. We planned to sleep on the beach one evening, but the Boat Boy - old old guy called Walter said it was full of mosquito’s and sand flies, so it put us off. The next day we went ashore anyway exploring and saw large iguanas and Hollie hooked up with a young girl called Francesca, snorkelling, swimming and messing around in our inflatable kayak. Her dad, Tony, came over and said Hi cos he bought a Beneteau 57 - Hull # 3, back in 2003 and here we are with # 173, it brought him back good memories of a great boat and gave us even more confidence that we have a good strong boat.


We even bought a couple of lobster, which I tried to kill humanely with the stab between the eyes -  in the end we went for the Rick Stein method of putting them in the freezer for 2 hours and then I took my machete to dissect them and we barbequed them with some sauce that Suzanne made up and a bottle of fizz - all very pleasant - well except for the lobsters!


Sorry - some of the piccies are a bit fuzzy, cos I used my underwater camera and the lens still had some water / sunblock on it