Willemstad to Dordrecht

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 17 Apr 2008 07:03

Easy day today walked around Willemstad saw Bambi and Thumper ( 2 deer and a rabbit), it took all of 10 mins to walk around the town. Pretty village but very small, I should imagine in season it would be busy..  But had a great chandlery bought a few more bits.  We had chat with out Dutch friends as we have met them in the last 3 marina as they are doing the same route as us.  They both had Reline motor yachts’


Left at 12 noon and headed out to Dordrecht no locks today just one Road bridge and railway bridge that opens every 2 hours so time was critical, we made the 15.16.  Then straight in the basin to the marina, where you moor up and ring a bell and they open the little street bridge for you to go into the marina. 


Remember Goose, we stayed here 2 years ago with you guys not much changed.



Chores to be done, washing and cooking and while the washing was whirling round we had drinky pooh and canapes sat in the last of the sunshine on the back of the boat.


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Hope you are all out sailing this weekend at Beaulieu catch up with you soon,  missing you all X