Live from Martha's Vineyard

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 17 Jul 2011 21:42
Well, Martha’s Vineyard is even better than Nantucket, with more sheltered bays that you can anchor in with enough water for us and an easy trip in the rib with their own dedicated dingy docks right in the center of town.  It is soo.. picturesque, again all cedar shingle houses lining the waterfront, beautiful little shops along cobbled streets, chilled out Americans that speak to you and lots of children playing at sailing.  Perfect holiday destination so we are treating it like a holiday, the swimwear is finally out again the temp is in the high 80+, David has had his ice cream everyday and we have ambled around at holiday speed.
During the storm we were moved into the inner basin where we were very protected for 2 days and caught up with our sleep so fully rested, we have since been moved back out into the bay but the wind is in the right direction and it again is very pleasant out here.  On Fri morning we meet Chrissie and Rich from Destiny at 8.15am on the shore and she pilled us into her van and gave us a quick tour around the island so we could get our bearing's, she pointed out the beaches where “Jaws” was filmed and told us that the film’s didn’t do the island any good for a few years as the tourists stayed away.  She pointed out that the Great White’s are only interested in the big Seal colonies miles away from us and only the small sharks as you see in the picture below come anywhere near the shore.  I think we will not go swimming here, we thought it was too cold for us anyway!!!
We have also teamed up with Alice again a Moody 54 from Christchurch UK, Celia and Andrew for a few meals and drinks on board both boats which has been lovely.  David set up our new BBQ but unfortunately I ended up cooking the steaks below as the wind was to blustery and the steaks were over an 1in thick, so I performed with my chef’s hat on and delivered the meal med/rare with homemade coleslaw, tomatoes & onions in Balsamic and olive oil (thanks Lis for the recipe) with Gorgonzola and grapes for desert with Ferero Rocha chocolate and brandy to finish, I think a good night was had by all if they could remember after the amount of alcohol that was consumed...
Sunday has been a rather lazy day, caught up with lots of phone calls and of course blogs etc.  Had a sunbathe on the back deck, finished a good book by Diana Chamberlain, excellent The Lost Daughter.   Have yet to christen tonight's dinner and at this moment have no idea what to do, so going to write the ingredients into the website and see what it suggests, an excellent way to cook when you fridge is nearly empty.  I also find the new Jamie Oliver 30 min recipe book helpful, as they might take longer to do the 3 courses but we only ever have the main course, that always takes me 30 mins on its own.   I must write a recipe book for sailors, I keep meaning to start this....must make note to myself to do this!!.
Enjoy the pictures, love to you all Suzanne & David, Mum & Dad, Grandma & Grandad XXXXX