Transat - Day 11 14.22.40N 48.38.80W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 5 Dec 2010 21:46
Today was another came and went day, we were overtaken by “Lionessa of Douglas” in the night at around 10kts – I think she is a fast racing sledge that I remember seeing in Las Plamas. If she is the first ARC boat in our vicinity and is in the Racing Class then we are still going well.  Other than that just flying fish and 2 AIS targets late afternoon, one heading for Singapore and the other going in the same direction to Barbados at 18kts – so look like my nav is on course.
We were pushed north by the wind last night, but are now wing on wing with the yankee and main in about 20kts heading on 280 for Barbados at around 8kts – a bit rock n roll, but that's the downwind life. Unfortunately during the day a Pearl Necklace has been stolen and Detective Inspector Hollie Parry is on the case interviewing suspects, she believes the perpetrator is possibly someone on the boat. I have suggested the passarelle and machete to make the villain walk the plank, or to keel haul them, but Hollie is preferring the soft option of a bucket of sea water over the head.
We are still running the boat on zulu (UTC) time and each watch has more or less daylight / moonlight / starlight hours as we sail further west. At the moment we have breakfast around 1100, lunch at 1500 and evening meal at 2030. But everyone seems happy, our body clocks are synchronised and watches are quite easy at 3 hours each between 2100 to 0900, except Di now seems to be doing 2 as it is still dark at 0900, but at the other end of the day we don’t turn in till 2230.
Had quite a nice shooting star last night that came low enough into a cloud and lit it up a bright orange – very spectacular
Have a good week
650M to Bridgetown, Barbados
Suzie Too Crew