Leaving St Lucia

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Thu 17 Mar 2011 15:56
We finally tore ourselves away from Rodney Bay Marina on Tuesday and went out to the anchorage. It has been really nice to be in a marina, easy to walk ashore without getting wet, pop in for a coffee or an ice cream, pick up some provisions from the grocery store, do lunch and drinks in the evening and of course lots of chatting and gossiping. We met up with Harmonie again, who are also thinking of getting a bigger boat, Saorise, Luna Verde and Hydra Blue to name just a few.
I did some little jobs and helped Suzanne re-provision the boat after we had emptied the fridge and freezer. Well I say helped, we get to the supermarket and I go off on a pretext of getting something and go looking for gadgets and goodies on special, then after a while pleased with my selection I head back, but she is no where to be found â how can a woman and a trolley always disappear so easily. I start the search systematically looking up and down the aisles from the end â always no luck, so back along again, usually still no luck.
At least the Security Guards are used to us ââ Oh, some old bloke lost his wife/daughter/nurse/ why do they always bring an idiot shopping with themâ â but as long as I am out by closing time they donât seem to worry.
On Wednesday we got Charlie to scrape Suzie Too, bottom clean, which is doing very well with the ultra sonic system. I also âhelpedâ in my new dive gear, now that I am certified â but itâs hard work, but she is now ready fro the big sail north.