Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 21 Jul 2008 10:34

We decided to go to Helsinki rather than Tallinn with our friends so we wish them well and set off.  We set off from Hanko to an anchorage at an Island called Algo sailed all the way and every point of sail going to get there. 19 miles later ended up in a very peaceful lagoon where we sunbathed and read our books and planned Helsinki.  Next day we took the scenic route through the rocks sailing and motor sailing through to a steep fjord called Barosound. The Finns are very proud of Barosound which is narrow and has rocky sides, it also boast a shop one of the few between Hanko and Helsinki. Wow something to be proud of.  The view was quite pretty but by this time the wind had dropped completely and we needed somewhere to stop.  David spotted a pontoon and I shouted over to them and asked kindly if we could moor up there? They replied that it was private mooring only but then invited us to moor up at “the Helsinki Private Yacht club” moorings he said as long as we were off first thing in the morning it would be ok as they were not busy mid week.  The HYC members were very kind and caught our lines as these were stern mooring buoys and bow lines onto a pontoon.  We later walked around their small private Island and were told that we could use the facilities of the BBQ and sauna.  After a very bumpy night with the wash from the ferries which was very unpleasant we were glad to leave as soon as we were ready.


We headed into Helsinki early morning, the pilot age was very tricky, keeping out of the main ferry channels and between the correct markers we finally got to our marina and the harbour master came out to the jetty to help us find a berth big enough.  We had to go alongside the harbour quay wall for 30 Mins until another boat had moved then we were given pride of place right outside the harbour office right next to “Ice Man” Kimi Raikonnen the F1 driver’s motor yacht..  Perfect landing and perfect berth, the facilities were also great and the harbour office had a café, free washing /drying facilities and a Sauna and it was only a 2 min walk to the tram or a 10min walk to the edge of town..


I washed everything, bedding, towels, had 2 washers and dryers going for hours while I had a sauna all to myself.  Next day was free to do the touristy thing as we had never been to Helsinki before, David bought us a city pass, which gave us free ferry rides and tram travel and included a 1.30min coach trip around the city so we did it all, churches, museums, islands and finally shopping at Stockman’s which is their biggest store and the fish and fruit markets.  I also managed to get a haircut as well only a trim hopefully it will last till I get home to my brilliant hairdresser Helen at Barnet’s.  What a lovely city, very old Russian looking buildings lots of gold and lots of gardens and fountains to soften the look.




Algo anchorage

 Just Chilling

Rock too at the HYC Private moorings

What’s this, funny looking boat? Answers on a postcard…

On the rocks

Our first glimpse of Helsinki

Food market had breakfast here

Market stalls


Having breakfast of Fish cakes and rice


Main walkway in the city

See the bullet holes




View from our mooring


Kimi’s motor boat




Had a great time love to all off to Tallinn next xxxxx