Thanksgiving and a fridge disaster

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 3 Dec 2011 20:57
Well it was our first Thanksgiving in the US, we got together with French kiss a New 50ft Beneteau Sense, a new concept boat with only 3 stairs into the saloon, she had a forward stateroom and lots of lovely features, lots of lovely outside space. Very nice modern boat she was having some warranty work done also.

It was the typical Turkey, mash potato, veg and gravy, we contributed the roasted veg, mashed sweet potato, Yorkshire puddings, then a wonderful pudding, Nigella's chocolate pudding with Cream. This of course was washed down with a few bottles of bubbly, not too much drink for the crew of French kiss as they were departing the next morning for Fort Lauderdale and Key West where we will meet Alex the lady owner for New Year before the trip over to Bahamas in January.

We had a few nights on our own until Bob and Suzanne joined us, they are from Colorado and have given up the land living for a while, both the children have got jobs now, so empty house syndrome. The Caribbean is beckoning!!! So weve spent the last few days cycling around Charleston, very flat cycling area, I've had company with Suzanne and been to the Christmas markets etc.

Returning on Thursday after provisioning to the boat, I had a full bag of Frozen food and meat ready to freeze, went to our sea water cooled freezer only to find that it's switched off and everything things in had thawed out. I had about 7 days meals, chicken, pork fillets, beef, lasagne, veg and fill pastry, David had cleaned the filter on Tuesday and had forgot to switch back on. Arrragh!!!!! What to do will all this food, and all the n frozen stuff, David left me well alone for a few hours as I was livid, it's hard enough to provision anyway when your on the boat, he just am my life 10 times harder.

So my receipt books came out and that afternoon after getting the freezer working again, I started cooking. I actually enjoy learning new recipes, don't tell David that though!

Chicken, Beans, Olives and Tomatoes is a good one.
Put ,
2 x tins of any kind of white bean in bottom of cooking pot with
Jar of Olives
Small tomatoes
Tin of Anchovies and oil
Chicken thighs, or fillets or large chunks ( whatever you have not boned though)
Season well with chilli flakes and lots of basil (fresh or dried) salt and pepper
Mix so everything is coated with anchovy oil.
1 tbsp of boiling water sprinkled on top.

JPEG image

Put lid on for 20 mins in oven or on top. Take lid off and check chicken, depending on chicken sizes you may need a little longer. I usually do another 10 mins with lid off.

Just lovely, you can eat on its own or with mash!!! enjoy

I then did Chicken Curry & rice, made spaghetti Bol sauce, and hopefully the fillet of pork will be okay and I will roast on Saturday.

So totally cooked out now, at least I have the next 4 days of food prepared and cooked.

JPEG image

I I think now David owes me a nice meal out somewhere posh!!! Cannot wait to get south of Jacksonville next week, I've been told that the weather is warm there, so the dresses can come out and the boots can go away in the suitcase for our visit home in March back to the UK.

Bye for now