Are we there yet Dad ?

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 14 Dec 2009 18:27
Well our voyage across 2 oceans, the North and South Atlantic, crossing the Equator between the 2 continents of Africa and South America is almost at an end - 2,000M covered and less than 200M to Salvador. We should arrive late on 15 or early 16 Dec, which will have taken just less 2 weeks and we have had a great time, I can't believe it's 2 weeks, maybe the girls can. It seems like a long haul flight to me after 3 hours on the plane you have had a meal, watched a movie, look at your watch and think - crap another 8 hours to go, but when you arrive Hong Kong is great and you don't really notice the flight - this seems the same.

Spoke with a couple of boats today and we saw some cargo vessels in the night, so getting nearer the coast and have a favourable current, cos the wind is only 10kts again. Not sure what the plan is when we arrive, but I hear the beer is cold and the women are hot - apparently, well so I'm told. We are thinking of taking an intensive salsa or samba course to see if the locals can give me some rythmn, cos we have a big carnival to go to in Forteleza and we are all dressing up as the RIDS has a group entry.

Suzanne has promised herself some posh frocks, I am looking at a watch - I'm going to buy Suzanne one for sailing cos she keeps asking "What's the time and is it local or UTC" and Lisa is threatening some retail therapy and it looks like I will have to buy her a Christmas present this year.

The boat has been great, could have used an extra 5-10kts of wind all the way, a pole for the genao and make get some solar panels to make us a bit more efficient on power, but she has done superbly well. I have to say that Suzanne has also provisioned very well and we are still eating water melon, we finished the last of the banannas today and are ripening the last few green tomatoes out in the sun. She will have told you about the electric frying pan, but she bought a breadmaker which also makes cakes, so fresh soya baked granary yesterday and a coconut cake for tea today.

It' getting very warm, cos I reckon on Dec 21 the sun will be over the Tropic of Capricorn at 22.5 deg south, so we get nearer to it each day - 33 deg today at sea and 28 deg at night