Christmas Pressie - I was very impressed

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 26 Dec 2011 02:46
We woke up early not because we were excited or the kids woke us, we woke because we wanted to use Skype before the Americans woke up and blocked the service.

So 6.45 I was connected to Skype, saw Ethan open his presents, saw Andy cooking Christmas lunch, Spoke to my mother and made her day hopefully, she'd also received our letter as well, so good timing, we also caught both David's parents, the Sprucettes in Grenada, Rona and Matt in Bembridge, the Parrys in Gosport, unfortunately we missed Chris, Lisa and Ryan and Karla but sent everyone our wishes, by this time we were tired of talking and thoroughly enjoyed, champagne, salmon and eggs, with English soda dough muffins, just lovely.

Opened our presents, mine was swimwear with a lovely yellow beach dress, fits great and David says it looked stunning!!!!. I thought it was a good choice and it fits perfectly.

Later, we went for a walk to the beach, it was about 80 today, lots of people milling around with Santa hats on and not much else. We watched the queen on U Tube and then sat in the cockpit and ate a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings, Thanks to Di we had Christmas Napkins as well.

At 4 pm we had people round for cocktails and they stayed for supper, leaving after consuming lots of wine for a dingy ride home.

A lovely day, in an ideal world it would of been nice if all the family was here, but everyone has their own agendas and I am sure like us, all our friends and family had a great time too.

Love you all, kisses and hugs are sent over the miles xxx

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Love from Suzie Too

Suzanne xx