Grenada Catchup

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 6 Mar 2011 20:33
Hiya All

A late update on all the scandal and gossip we had whilst in Grenada, with
very little Internet connection and a problem on my PCs with our mailasail
account. Sorry no piccies, but I am now getting sorted with my new Nikon, it
just got a bit confusing have 3 cameras

Ere u go

Well we have been in Grenada since end of Dec and it's been just wonderful,
we have felt at home here, everyone is so friendly and inviting and it all
seems very safe. The island is also so beautiful and lush.

Our first 2 weeks were spent in St George which is the main town on the
island, we were in the Camper Nicholson Marina, which has a lovely swimming
pool and nice bar, which was open all day and live music in the evenings, so
David was very happy as he could get all the work done on the boat while we
were there, the chandlery was just a dingy ride away so was the food shop,
which was brilliant.

Travelling around the island was also easy, the local bus's was just mini
vans which you just flagged down, the cost was 2.50 EC$ which was about 50p,
and they take you to most places on the island.

After 2 weeks in the marina, we were getting itchy feet so we motored around
the island to the bays on the south coast, Prickly bay, Mount Hartman ,
secret harbour and Clarkes Court bay, all had marinas but we just anchored
cheaper on the pocket and what we saved on marina fees we can spend on
eating out instead. All the marina have happy hour 5-6pm, 3 beers for 10
EC$, the only problem is David would only Campari and Tonic and of course as
you would expect this is not covered in happy hour...

All marina try to drum up business which they advertise on the VHF net every
morning, we joined in some of the events, like book swap coffee mornings,
movie nights, pizza nights and steel drum bands, we also went to the local
Museum for a free nights local entertainment where we watched the locals
play the steel bands and were shown how to do this on the steel drums,
basically its set out like a piano with keys hammered out to sound the same.
The museum was a former prison and the building was originally built in

The 4th week we booked our PADI diving course, I was very nervous as my left
ear has very little hearing and I thought that this would hurt my ears, any
way we booked the course as we may need to dive under the boat to free

Medical first, which we passed with flying colours, next day we studied and
watch a DVD, then 2 days in the pool in full scuba, very sexy in neoprene...
the tuition was excellent Carton who taught us was from Germany and was very
good and explained everything and gave me confidence to do the course. We
passed the first 2 days exams 96% so then to the ocean. So tired after the
2nd day I was in bed a 8.15pm couldn't keep awake.

Day 3, we were taken out on the boat to Flamingo bay and dived down to 12
metre, 2 dives, the first dive was amazing, the colours, fish and coral were
in abundance and the diving and exercises went well, 2nd dive we dived on a
sculpture park were they have submerged statues, all went well and
everything was falling into place - this was the first time I had dived and
what an experience it was, I loved it.

Day 4, we got to the dive sight to do an 18 metre dive, this was a better
dive sight also the sea was very settled and viz much better had a lovely
time, swam among fish, sea worms, lots of beautiful scenery and colours.
The 2nd dive of the day was with a different air, enriched air, this has
less nitrogen and more oxygen, so can safely dive for a longer period and
feel better not as tired.

Day 5, was spent in the class room doing our enriched Nitrox course, which I
am glad to say that we both got a 100%. So we are both qualified Open water
diver with an enriched air qualification...fantastic.

So, to congratulate ourselves we booked into Gary Rhodes restaurant which is
situated just in Prickly bay on the beach at the Calabash Hotel and treated
ourselves to the most amazing meal and ambiance, what a treat!!!! David
drank a decent bottle of red, as we have run out on the boat as it's not
easy to get and cart on the boat by dingy. He's doing ok though, drinking
Campari-tonic and a drink called a Bentley.

Recipe is great

1 (measure) - freshly squeezed Caribbean lime juice
2 (measures) - cane sugar
4 (measures) - Club Soda
2 dashes - Angostura Bitters per serving
1 - red Maraschino cherry and 1 cocktail stick per serving

1 Squeeze lime and pour into cocktail shaker, add sugar and Club Soda. 2
Shake vigorously until sugar is dissolved, remembering to hold lid of
cocktail mixer firmly in place. 3 Pour into a tall glass over crushed
ice. 4 Add several dashes of bitters and place cherry, pierced with
cocktail stick, on top.

In all the time on Grenada we've not had one beach day, too much to do and
now we are getting ready for our next visitors, Nicky & David who arrive on
Monday for Feb. We will be heading up island next week and that's all
beaches and swimming as long as the weather calms down, we have had strong
winds for weeks now and lots of tropical rain storms, very heavy and that
made everything so humid it's been hard to sleep at night as the windows
constantly have to be closed as the rain is so heavy it wet everything
through in seconds. But I think this is still better than the cold you are
getting in the UK.

Signing off - missing you all

See you in February.