The Trouble with Boats

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 29 Dec 2010 15:24

Considering we had such a rush to spec and fit out the boat we did remarkably well and had very few further problems, after a journey of over 5,000M. But we did finally get to the bottom of the rigging issues, which have caused chaff on the main and spinnaker halyards - due to an incorrect accessory kit being supplied by Sparcraft / Beneteau / Ancasta - who knows - but the local boys here know why it is happening.


Fortunately Beneteau are brilliant on after sales and have already shipped the correct parts and will pay for the sail repair and the new halyards - so a bit of a hassle for us, but we get the issues resolved. We are also having the rig re-tensioned, buying a new sail bag system and adding spreader patches to the main.


The sail has now been removed by Turbulence and one of the 2 French guys has explained what is wrong and it makes perfect sense, as Suzanne and I were very worried about the very high rates of chaffing.


The main is caused by an incorrect head car which pushes the main halyard too far from the mast and allows it to chaff on the sheave when running downwind. Turbulence will fit a new shackle directly to the head car to try and move the halyard nearer the mast - until the new head car arrives from the UK.


The spinnaker halyards were showing just the same damage, running with either our G1 Gennaker or our G2 Chute. These were chaffing on the eye bolts fitted 2m below the sheaves, so we lost those at a faster rate. Turbulence are going to fit 2 “flip flop” blocks with a 180 degree rotation, similar to those used on catamarans, to replace the eye bolts and all will be well.


So a mini re-fit and then off again



Happy New Year to you all














Suzie Too