Rallye Iles du Soliel - Revisited

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 1 May 2012 12:32
We left Jolly Harbour and fuelled up before heading round to Deep Bay, just south of St John’s where we in anchored in the usual 25kts of wind waiting for it to ease a little in the morning for our 80M passage St Barthelemy (St Barth’s) in the French West Indies (sounds so nice doesn’t it).
We left at 0400 and of course the wind was still 25kts gusting 30kts, but just behind the beam, so we made good progress at 9kts, but with a huge Atlantic swell moving round the boat was difficult, so we just lay down in the cockpit and rode it out.
The harbour was full and we had to anchor outside, which was rolly, but after clearing in we headed ashore for a real Rendez Vous with our French friends from the Rallye, Jean Francois and Annick of Tog Gwen (who have just bought the first Amel 64 and just got married last Friday), Jean & Sybille of Havantia, Michel and Marie Claire of Antinea, Francis and Nicole of Auhema and Jean Pierre and Jacqueline of Maouli. The whole wedding party had been out swimming and snorkelling and we arranged to meet up later at 2000 for the most superb meal together – well this is France and we just LOVE IT