Back in the USSA

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 1 Jun 2011 20:12
Hi Readers
Well the song says “Back in the USSR”, but USA doesn’t rhyme, anyway here we are back in New York on City Island. Now having inspected the damage and of course it’s not the one cleat pulled out, 2 others have cracked the teak toe rail so also need replacing.
Would you fit cleats on penny washers, I think not and nor would I, you would expect a backing plate for a 57ft yacht weighing in at 30,55 gross tonnes. So we are firing off emails to Ancasta and they will come back with their standard “It’s to Beneteau specification, Sir”, so we will see what Beneteau say.
We have had a couple of quotes to reinforce the area and fit stainless steel backing plates on all 4 quarters, which will make her stronger than ever, but we could get a very nice family sized car for the same amount.
In the meantime with 3 weeks in the UK we have met up with half our family and friends and pissed off the half we didn’t get to see and had damage on our boat, having spent about £ 4,000 on marina fees, airline tickets, fuel for the cars and hotels, to come back, so we need to revaluate our strategy about coming back.