Zierikzee to Willemstad

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Wed 16 Apr 2008 07:09



Hi All


More motoring today, we went from Zierikzee to Willemstad all of 25.2 miles, through 2 huge locks that took forever to go through as the have to keep the salt water free from the fresh water, we are now in salt water.


Had a minor incident I let David do the lines and he took the stern line in the lock and cleated it off…. and went down below.  The line got so tight it was breaking the dan bouy on the stern and pulling tight on the cleat and we were dropping at a fast speed in the lock.., the creaking alerted David and he ran to get the line free, it was so tight he could not free it, I was on the Bow line so I couldn’t help, so he ran down below to retrieve his diving knife in Rambo style… cut us free, I quickly got another line on to secure us as we had our butt hanging in the breeze.  he has held the line loosely ever since…….The only loser in this is me as I am now a stern line down. 


I forgot my lesson, never let David near a line, as those that sail with him will know his Rabbit is dyslexic and always goes round the tree the wrong way.  He learnt a quick lesson and scraped his knuckles in the process leaving a blood trail everywhere.



Couple of the local Dutch tarts – Very tasty

Leaving the waiting pontoon with the North Sea Convoy and canal cruising






Best Regards


David & Suzanne


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