Another Story

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 31 Oct 2010 14:29
We called up the marina and got a "Stand by" to our VHF request and that was
the last we heard. We motored in slowly, we were here last year with the
RIDS, and got the boat ready for stern to mooring with lazy lines and
cruised looking for a pontoon. With no Mariniero around we chose a likely
spot and reversed in between 2 large yachts, Suzanne called to a guy on a
French boat in her best RIDS Franglais and he helped secure the stern lines
and pass out, eventually, the right pair of lazy lines, for which I threw
him a cold tinny. The lazy lines were filthy - I mean they always are, but
these were really bad, mud, slime and crap all over Suzanne, who had finally
put some clothes on for arrival into the marina, and all over the decks and
hull, just everywhere.

We spent some time getting the lines set with the right distance off at the
stern and were going to start cleaning the boat when the Mariniero turned up
with the Spanish equivalent of "You can't park that there mate"! Apparently
we were not big enough - not big enough for Christ's sake - what size of
bloody boat do they want me to get? Well, the answer was 20m.

Suzanne pleaded, but we had to move, and after I had reversed in so nicely.
We got ready, dropped the lines and motored ahead, only to have one of the
lazy lines over the top of a fender, which then slipped down around the
stanchion, then onto the cleat and we weren't going anywhere. Suzanne had to
heave it clear while I tried to hover the boat in 24kts of wind

Then Suzanne has to re-rig, for a long yacht on a very short finger pontoon
for a bow to mooring, so it's change fenders, lines from the stern forward,
I'm trying to go slowly to give her time, but with 24kts up the chuff in a
small marina it's a challenge. The Marineiro has got his butt round to the
pontoon and takes our bow line and then tries to secure it to our mid cleat,
muppet! - but we are in safely and now have to tidy and clean the boat.

So at the end of all that we were totally knackered - like a full day's work
out in the gym, with sunshine and blue skies thrown in and a sprinkle of
drama here and there - Well that's sailing - And it's GREAT