Navigation Anomalies

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 12 Apr 2011 12:11
Hiya â Those of you that donât sail look away now -
Here is a strange one
All my boat systems are set to Magnetic. I left from Antigua at 61W and am heading to Bermuda at 64W. So I should be travelling West of North, but my route tells me to steer 007 degrees. Andy the Torpedo (no girls â he used to make torpedoes for BAe) tells me âCourse from Antigua to Bermuda is approx 351T, Mag Variation = 15 deg W at Bermuda so assuming same variation the whole way 351 T is equivalent to +15M ie 366 = 006M.
So that one is easy â you remember from your Yachtmaster âEast is Leastâ and âWest is Bestâ and âTrue Virgins Make Dull Companionsâ and âCadburys Dairy Milk Very Tastyâ for doing all that navigation stuff
Anyway also on Saturday I had an AIS target on a COG of 58 deg showing a heading of 77 deg. The radar echo and the AIS target were misaligned by about 15-20 degrees, but a 19 degree variation between his course readings â strange but true
Then Sunday my COG is 13 deg and my heading is 356 deg a variation of 17 degrees â a hell of  lot of leeway and itâs actually the wrong way, cos we are on stb tack
We are on the edge of the Bermuda Triangle â so what do you think â is there something strange going on with compasses as lots of navigators testify ?
But wait it gets worse â more to follow