Indiana Jones and Lara Croft 24.23.990N 076.38.210W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 23 Jan 2012 01:30
Even Pavlov’s Dogs (not to mention what he did with people) would have learnt by now, but you know the dinghy on the long tow - we are still doing it, and of course today it went around the other thing – Yes, the propeller. Fortunately we have a rope cutter that made short work of the heavy line, I never heard it cut or felt any vibration, the first thing I noticed was the end of the line in the water and the dinghy floating away.
I called to Suzanne who said “I’ll go in after it” and promptly dived off the swim platform, a la Lara Croft (except no guns blazing) throwing her sunnies at me and took off at an Olympic 50m pace after it, catching it and hauling herself on board. She fiddled around for a few minutes before starting the engine, apparently her bikini top was round her waist when she climbed on board, just a shame there were no other boats around to get a flash of her headlights on full beam.
Later in the day we anchored at Norman’s Cay and snorkelled over a crashed Douglas DC3 or C47 (military variant not sure which) that was in about 3m of water off the end of the runway and had been crashed by a drug dealer called Carlos Lehder (I think that is the spelling). Just amazing, I felt like Indiana Jones on the trail of some lost treasure, the wings were still intact and the engines still there, so the old Dakota was really well built – a great experience – sorry no piccies as my underwater Pentax needs charging.
I’m gonna have to get me a new bucket to keep my Bucket List, as it seems to be leaking and I am still doing things that I didn’t even know were on the list – Wow – it was such fun – we even got followed around by little striped blue and yellow fish, but no dead bodies, no cocaine, no money, no treasure map and no guns – Ah well, there’s always another day.
Some picces of Warderwick Cays, which you know was really supposed to be called Roderick Cays, but I guess the guy had a lisp and they all used to fall about calling “Warderick”, “Warderick”