Transat - Day 11 13.35.30N 51.50.50W

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 6 Dec 2010 19:07
Overnight we were storming along at 9kts surfing to over 10kts and have finally cracked a 200M day, not sure exactly how many cos the speed log needs calibrating, but around 212M, so very pleased, she does sail well and it looks like the winds are here to stay.

During the day we have SEEN a yacht, we overtook a Bavaria 46 that left Tenerife on 16 Nov and is heading also to Barbados. They called up on the VHF and a 72ft British Challenge boat answered, who I think may be in the ARC as I met the skipper in the bike shop in Gosport cos we were both getting bike spares. Anyway I called the Bav 46 up and had a chat for a while, a nice Aussie who was crewing the boat and then going back down under for Xmas.

The wind has filled in much better and our new ETA is late on 8 Dec, which I doubt, more likely early morning on 9 Dec. So a bit of a bonus for all, now we can go sight seeing around Bridgetown etc before heading to Friendship Bay on Bequia for Hollie's birthday. we are now planning our days and what needs to be done on arrival, a few boat jobs and bit of cleaning and some provisioning.

So with luck and good winds tonight and 1 more night, then we will see landfall and arrive in the dark - it's often the way, so will either lay offshore until daybreak or head very slowly into a suitable anchorage

444M to Bridgetown, Barbados

Suzie Too Crew