Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sat 21 Jun 2008 14:01

After helping Kaikoura with his rope around his prop we all set off sailing to Uto  Steve went carefully with his engine until he could check the oil, but all was ok thank god no damage done.


We anchored up in the bay, we stayed on board while Steve, Di and Hollie cycled into town and I cooked supper for Kaikoura, we had lasagne, green beans and peas and Steve made a rhubarb crumble.  I did some custard and we watched an episode of Howard’s way as it rained outside for the first time in ages.


Kaikoura left next morning to move closer to Stockholm as they have planned a 5 night trip to Lapland by train.  We got the rib out and ribbed into town up river in the lovely sunshine had a lovely morning, had lunch at the local bakery and an ice-cream on the way back, picked up some local supplies and ribbed back just in time as it started raining again.  We sat under the canopy and listened to the rain on the canopy tent it a very peaceful sound when you nothing else to do.


Our peaceful anchorage

The marina full of Swedish boat, this seems a popular local destination for the Swedes, lots of holiday homes and tenting too.

Local shops bike hire and bakery

First big motor boats we’d seen for ages, marina jetty.  Holiday season had definitely started for the local, schools have now broken up for there summer holidays.



Love from Suzie Too xx