Leaving Bermuda

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 25 Apr 2011 20:33
Lisa and Andy arrived on Tuesday evening and we met them at the White Horse in St Georges and introduced them to the local Dark & Stormy. Wednesday evening we had a drinks party on board for about 11 people, Heimkehr, Traversay III, Destiny and Macy, which was a roaring success and went through 2 litres of dark rum. Actually  the American thing of bringing nibbles works well and no one needed to eat, or was in a fit state to cook that night.
It became clear that we would have to leave Bermuda earlier as the weather off the east coast of the USA was kicking up for a few days and meant if we waited we would probably have to stay for an extra week and potentially miss our flights. So we quickly hit the beaches, did some snorkelling, flew kites in the local tradition on Good Friday (something to do with the frame of the kite being shaped like a cross and then ascending into the heavens apparently). Then a quick visit to Polaris and cancelled our booking for Sunday lunch and changed it to a meal for Friday night, of which Suzanne & Lisa ordered every sushi & sashimi dish on the menu.
We had drinks on Friday night on Traversay III, before going out, and we saw the piano, which has a Yamaha keyboard at correct height for a Grand Piano and pulls out from under the bunk in the forward cabin. When the boat was designed, the designers mistakenly had the bass end towards the saloon, so Mary Anne had them mirror image the boat left to right to correctly have the treble end at the audience or musician accompaniment end. I have to say although it may seem eccentric it was very nice and sounds terrific, it matches perfectly with the gorgeous Canadian wood interior and sounded wonderfully warm and homely, clearly it gives both Mary Anne and Larry a lot of joy.
In the end 3 of us left on Saturday even though it looks like we will have to do some motoring AGAIN!! Macy for Rhode Island, Traversay III for Nova Scotia and dear old Suzie Too for New York City. After fuelling US$943 OUCH, Heimkehr came over in their dinghy and gave us a US courtesy flag and sticker for the garbage and oil regulations in US waters and played Rule Britannia on the mouth organ â such lovely people â we hope to meet Bert & Marlene again â but they are heading back home to Hamburg, Germany for a while.