Last port in Spain - Baiona

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Mon 13 Jul 2009 18:33

We arrived in the last port of Spain, Baiona, we tacked down the Ria de Vigo out into the Atlantic, again there’s that big swell of 3-4 meter waves, luckily we were sailing down wind with just the Genoa so an easy sail.  Round all the rocks and Cardinals into the bay.  There are 2 marinas to choose from we picked the less expensive Puerto Deportivo Punta Lagoa marina.


Radioed on VHF 06 to the Puerto Deportivo Punta Lagoa marina, which is a new marina with finger pontoons, a rib came out to us again and guided us onto an easy hammerhead, the guy jumped out of his rib and caught our lines and even plugged our electric in, what service!!.  We stayed 3 nights and paid 88 euros got a 10% discount as we used our Passport card which you can purchase for 5 euros and it covers about 10 marinas in the Spanish Rias.  We filled up with water, did the usual washing, and cleaning the boat inside then we set off on our bikes to explore Biaona.


We heard a hello from John & Robin from Panthera, they came aboard to say hi,



They had been in Baiona for a few nights so gave us some information of what to see and where to go.  We then set off and got about 10 fingers from our berth and we saw a Legend 41 Mahogany and Martin was on board, we had just missed Dylan who just caught a bus to the airport to go home.  Martin was collection his wife from the airport that evening, so we invited them over to our boat the next day as they were sailing north and wanted to pick our brains on the northern Rias which we had just done.



We finally got into Baiona, it’s a lot smaller than we thought and there is a little town with the quaint back street restaurants, tables and chairs out in the street, lunch is served 12 – 14.00 and then dinner is served from 20.30 – 23..00. It has a lovely little fort on the seafront and winding Streets up to the Madonna on the rock over looking the bay.


While we were there we had a festival, procession, brass band and equivalent to our Morris dancers but the men danced with swords.  We followed the procession into the school fields at 22.00 they then went to the church for a service at 22.30.  We went back to the boat to bed…  to get ready for an early sail down the Portugal coast to Lexioes 70 miles.






Bye from Baiona



See you all when we get to Portugal