Not another one !

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 24 Oct 2010 15:57
Holy crap, just when I thought the fishing saga was over till we got to the Canaries, later the same day at 1900z as it was getting dark - bang and our line had gone tight again - another fish.
Learnt a bit of a lesson last time, so pulled back on the throttle to slow the boat - Yes, still no wind and called to Suzanne again as she was preparing dinner. So gloves on, head torches on, life jackets on and out of the cockpit we go. Then we open the bomb doors - those of you that know the boat, know we have a big bomb bay with steps going down to the swim platform, Suzanne swishes the teak down with the stern shower to stop the blood, guts and sh*t staining the teak - and we are all set.
We let the fish run for a few more minutes to hopefully tire it out a little, we get the gaff hook and Suzanne starts hauling it in with some difficulty. We keep a safety on the line in case it pull so hard she cannot hold it and as it comes alongside it darts for the rudder and we struggle to hold the line between us. Then we have him off the quarter and see him gleaming in the light from our head torches - shit another big one - a really big one - definitely Tuna this one.
We pull him up from the surface, Christ it's really heavy, like a thrashing 25kg sack of spuds that you are trying to hold on a line 2mm thick, both of us try and haul it the 3m up over the guard rail, but crap - it's gone - the wire crimp has pulled though and I am in serious trouble.
I was supposed to gaff it with the gaff hook, you may have heard Suzanne mention this to me several times even as far away as England that evening.
So lesson number 2 - I am in charge of the gaff hook, but have you seen it, it looks lethal and could hurt the fish, plus it's a bit rusty and then the poor thing might get tetanus
Right - 1) Slow the boat down 2) I am the Gaffer (cos Suzanne tells me I can be)
Bugger again - and another bugger - lasagna and salad tonight then !
Signed - The Old Gaffer (recently appointed)