Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Sun 21 Mar 2010 18:12
Another thought - not sure if it is called bunkering, but anyway whatever it was called when you filled up your ship with coal for the steam engines - now of course it's water and diesel, but often you cannot pull up to the quay and fill up.
So although we have 525 litres of diesel and 800 litres of water, the only way to fill up in some locations is to use jerry cans and ferry them in the dinghy. Sometimes you take a taxi to the gas station, in Luis Correia they used the luxury air conditioned reclining seat bus they laid on for us, and 20 of us went of for 2,000 litres of diesel - quite an entertainment at the local gas station.
So the best option is to find collapsible fuel and water containers, (about 25 litre capacity as you may have to carry them some distance) because storage is much easier when empty, but you will need make sure you are able to carry 100 litres of each to make each journey worthwhile
Anchorage at Luis Correia - Suzie Too on the right
Hmm... Could be time to buy a Nikon camera