Away trip to a Volcanic Island

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 24 Nov 2009 12:30

On Holiday for 2 nights away from the boat on the Island of Santo Antao, 1st a ferry then a coach trip with an english speaking guide called Sonia




On the coach at Santo Antao




Day 1 standing at the top of the volcanic crater, pretty high up and feeling colder




Donkeys carrying drinking water to the houses




Beautiful mountain ranges




PB242229.jpg  PB242230.jpg


The Fishing harbor at Porto Novo where we stopped for lunch, mackerel and 3 types of potatoes




Our crowd after lunch, Sue & Andy “Spruce”, Marta & Frank “ African Sea wing”, Tim & Neil “ Mina 2”, Norma & Phil “ Minnie B” The Professor Francois from Pilhoue 5


PB242254.jpg PB242261.jpg


The sugar cane is the one in flower and is all over the Island also growing in abundance was  Bread fruit trees, Banana trees, Coco trees, Yamms & Coffee beans.  Food was no problem and water was still running down the volcano into wells.


PB252280.jpg  PB252288.jpg


Sugar Cane                                                                                                                                         Bread fruit trees


PB252291.jpg  PB252293.jpg




The flower on the Banana tree




Our guest house was a school for under 7’s during the day, this is the children all leaving at the end of their day, all holding hands down the very steep twisting lane which was a 15 mins steep climb




Breakfast the next day, bananas, bread rolls and strong coffee.


PB252303.jpg  PB252307.jpg


6 hours of walking and climbing through the most beautiful valley with our guide


  PB252333.jpg  PB252360.jpg


Rest at last, this was our lunch stop at a local familys house, where she made us Coffee for 50 cents per mug, then it was on again past the lavardas into the ravine and a climb up the otherside, which included a rock hugging session to get past a narrow ledge and a wall climb with the help of a rope.  Anyway we all arrived back unscathed.




Outside the guest house where we stayed , before we set off back to the ferry for our journey back to San Vicente - Mindelo


And all for 94 Euros each excluding our ferry, thanks Martha for organizing we had a wonderful trip, very memorable but quite exhausting.


Love to all


Suzanne & David xxxx