Warderick Wells

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 24 Jan 2012 22:33
We arrived at Warderick Wells having booked into the Exumas Sea Park for 2 nights, we were allocated No2 mooring buoy in around 12ft of water, just about enough for our 8” 7’ draft. I drive up to the mooring buoy and with the bitch of a current running in East from the Atlantic up onto the Exuma Bank not talking to the wind which is 20kts from the North, it’s not easy. Anyway second time we make it, Suzanne picks up the strop, I run forward to help but the boat hook is firmly hooked into the strop and we drift off, cos I was no longer at the helm, she hangs on so tight she pulls the handle off the boat hook and we drift away and the boat hook is lost as I run back to the helm. Apparently the guy driving the boat is some kind of – just as well I couldn’t hear the adjectives, adverbs and improper nouns with the wind blowing.
So Suzanne sprints down the 57 feet of yacht jumps into the RIB, still on the long tow – but not around the rudder or prop this time, as I drive up again and between us we managed to get to the strop around a cleat, so drama over, just minus 1 semi-executive boat hook which is lost to the ogin. We dinghy ashore and pay our dues at the Ranger’s Station and do the walk to Boo Boo Hill and meet a “Canadian” couple, John & Hannah, with a new Beneteau 50DS (well he is half English and half Danish and she is 100% Danish, but they are both Canadian - You know how it is) with their daughter and boyfriend, Jasmine and Mario, who drives 747’s for a Canadian internal airline – even John has a PPL and flies Beechcraft - I seem to be the only person I know without a Pilot's Licence – well I also don’t have a Porsche or a Harley Davidson.
Later on Mario and Jasmine come by in their RIB and snorkel down to retrieve the boat hook, which I have now re glued the handle back on. Suzanne has used the same glue to put my eyeballs back in their sockets as their daughter, Jasmine, was sporting a white bikini, it’s just that I like to look at Ferraris, but it doesn't mean I want to get inside one for a ride – anyway I’m not allowed – apparently.
Later we had a great evening as John and Hannah came over for drinks leaving Jasmine and Mario to amuse themselves with no grown ups around – Hmm... What could you do all night long with a girl in a white bikini ?