Still in Annapolis

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 9 Sep 2011 17:21
We arrived here Monday and it started raining, it’s now Friday and it’s STILL raining, morning, noon and night torrential rain. Now all the boats are coming in from the Bay because the dam is 32ft above normal they have opened 33 flood gates to dump the water into the Chesapeake Bay. They are planning to open another 20 gates and the Bay will not be navigable with household and garage items, garden stuff and rubbish washing into the Bay.
With rivers already 8ft above usual levels we have local flash flood warnings and a warning about the quality of drinking water which may be compromised. In addition we have coastal flood warnings at high tide, with strong on shore winds predicted, on top of which it looks like the rain will continue over the weekend – well it’s best to be on a boat then. If we come across a flooded road the radio tells us to make the smart choice “Turn around, don’t drown”.
We are in Bert Jabin Yacht Yard just having our annual warranty inspection by the local Beneteau Dealer, Annapolis Yacht Sales. This is the cleanest yard we have been in and there are a lot of skilled companies around to carry out repairs and re-fits, but it’s pricy, last night cost $211 excluding electric – Ouch !! – they measured us and our LOA is 65ft !!
The latest from NHC Miami show Katia now north of Bermuda, probably lots of wind and rain for Long Island Sound a good kicking for Nova Scotia. Maria has eased back to a Tropical Storm, but set for land fall over the Eastern Caribbean and Nate has popped his head up in the Gulf.
After a tsunami, Bermuda Triangle, Hurricane and Earthquake probably the next natural disaster we need to sort out is an Avalanche – anybody for skiing with us this winter ?
Sorry no piccies of Annapolis in the rain – all places look the same in the rain