Suzie Too's Oil Change Tips

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Tue 12 Jul 2011 20:07
OK Another chapter for the girl’s to skip, just keep an eye on your nappy supplies is all I can advise
It wasn’t until Mike the Mercedes bought me an oil sucker thingy that I had ever changed my engine oil, I always paid a man what did. However, once you are up the Amazon, Yanmar Agents are few and far between, not qualified and of course have no tools so have to borrow yours, there is no choice.
Filter Wrench
Again, spookily enough sourced for me by Mike the Mercedes after we crossed Biscay in Suzie Too #3 and could not undo the filter, don’t use a chain one it can damage the filter, rubber ones slip when oily – Wot you need is one of these, see below. The instructions say hand tight and then 1/4 turn.
Disposable Nappies
I guess everyone knows about this, but I have to say the new ones with elasticated sides fit all filter sizes and soak up most dribbly messes to leave your engine room clean and shiny. I recently got Grandma to half inch some from her new Grandson, Sid, and they work well. But poor lad what a trauma, Grandma stealing his nappies, what if he needs to get a couple of big jobs done.
Fill Filter
I always part fill the new filter to allow the oil pressure to get around the engine sooner, for those of you that have side mounted oil filters then I can only suggest you get a new boat, like I did.
Crank Engine
Before you start the engine, hold down the STOP button and then crank. Yes, of course it wont start, but it will prime the oil system before the engine runs, do this for about 10 seconds or until you see the oil pressure gauge flicker.
Of course everyone on the pontoon is gonna think “Ey Up, Johnny’s got trouble” but you’ll know different and don't worry you won’t flood your engine and produce clouds of smoke. This is because a diesel engine stops by cutting the fuel supply, so by holding the STOP button you are shutting off the fuel.
You know I should charge for all these good ideas
Happy Oil Change and Suzie Too’s sympathy to your Grandkids who maybe a few poohs short this week