Suzie Too - Freezer Tips

Suzie Too - Western Caribbean
David & Suzanne Chappell
Fri 6 Jan 2012 21:46
The morning we departed Miami we decided to clear all the water strainers. We usually do this each Sunday and it is especially important for the freezer which has a salt water pump running water around the coils to keep the compressor cool – pretty much 24/7 in the warm climate here. I just noticed before we turned in the previous night the generator strainer was full of ectoplasm, just like something out of the Ghostbusters movie, a mangled jellyfish I suppose.
But here is the tip – fill your freezer with Tupperware boxes or anything to reduce the air space – and it really works – the Memsahib is well happy cos she got another minus 2 degrees getting the freezer down to about –12C. So this is an old wife’s tale that really works – not like some of them – “You can’t get pregnant while you’re breast feeding” – Yea right !!
Had a bit of a mare with the freezer today as the water pump stopped running, so had to strip it down clean out all the carbon and rebuild the pump as we are fully provisioned for the Bahamas cruise. I initially tried a different pump that was much larger and drew more current which then promptly blew the fuse. I put it all back and after switching the system on and off a few times a different fuse went – fixed that (finding out where they are is the biggest problem) then the relay went – but guess who had a spare – God I’m good and that must deserve a midweek Friday Night Special – even though I will be confused what day it is again.
BTW Never put all your beer on one side of you ship when loading